Weekend Photo Dump





With the 2015 Tampa Auto Show in full swing, there was no shortage of photos this week. In this photo dump, you’ll find the new Focus RS, an Aventador, Aventador SV, LaFerrari, my Civic Si, a friend’s STi, a few ND Miatas and a Fiat 500 Abarth. Keep an eye out for a review of the Abarth this week — I took part in the company’s “Ride and Drive” event outside of the convention center.

This week’s batch is a mix of DSLR and iPhone shots, since I forgot my camera on my second trip to the auto show. For those interested in the photo edit process, I provided a before and after shot of the Aventador SV. I had to do some pretty extensive cloning to get rid of the ridiculous glare, so I figured it was an edit worth sharing.






One comment

  1. Matt Covert · November 25, 2015

    Man, great photos! I’m still super pumped about the MX-5 cup car, I’d love to get my hands on one. Any idea what kind of readouts show up on the digital steering wheel display?

    Great work on the Lambo edit too! That’s way outside my wheelhouse.


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