Review: Project Cars




Since I already took the time to review Need For Speed, I feel it’s only fair to give Project Cars it’s 15 minutes of fame as well.


Visuals: The visuals in Project Cars are fantastic. Annoyingly realistic sun flares, speed-blurred track surfaces and crisply-detailed cockpits make this game a pleasure to play. The third person view can reveal some strange, jittery motion issues at times, but other than that, the game is beautifully designed.




Gameplay: This game is a no-nonsense simulation. If you come in expecting a Need for Speed gameplay style, you’ll be understeering into a wall at 160 miles per hour in a matter of seconds. High powered cars struggle with traction until the tires begin to retain heat, front wheel drive cars battle understeer at every corner and a hard crash will leave your car immobile. After enough time on the track, tires lose their grip and your fuel supply dwindles.

The physics are fantastic. This is the first game I have played and genuinely felt like I was out on the track. The learning curve is rough, but the key is to stay controlled. Brake early, control the throttle and use smooth steering input. When you finally tame your car of choice, the experience becomes far more rewarding.

The inclusion of Formula cars, shifter karts and track-dedicated race cars is also a welcome feature.




Customization: What customization? If you’re lucky, you can get a cool livery for the car. The tuning possibilities in this game are virtually endless, but when it comes to vehicle modification, there is none whatsoever. I understand where the game’s creators were going with this approach, but it would be pretty nice to have some say in how the car you drive is built.

Overall: 8.5/10

Although Project Cars is certainly the best simulation I have played, the lack of vehicle customization leaves me wanting more. That being said, the realistic physics and amazing graphics seem to fill the void. With more DLC — tracks, cars, vehicle customization —  Project Cars would be tough to beat.

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