What to watch: Mighty Car Mods


If you haven’t subscribed to their YouTube channel, you better get moving. Mighty Car Mods is easily one of the best automotive channels YouTube has ever seen. Co-hosts Marty and Moog are not only full of energy, but overflowing with automotive knowledge. The Australian duo has been creating DIY guides, informational videos and even full-length documentaries since 2007, when they got their start in Marty’s driveway.

Fast forward to 2015 and the pair have built low-cost drift cars, post-apocalyptic Japanese imports, and even budget street cars. In a time filled with such niche enthusiast groups, it’s a breath of fresh air to see two car lovers that are more concerned with a vehicle’s fun factor than its head-turning abilities. Just look at Moog, who sold his S2000 to fund a JDM Mini Cooper project.

Of all the MCM videos, Kei to the City, a documentary on Japanese grassroots drifting, is easily my favorite. Take a look at their channel and make sure to subscribe, because you don’t want to miss the quality content these guys are putting out.

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