The value of GoPro footage in racing

Professional racers and athletes do it, so why don’t you?

Since the dawn of the consumer-level video camera, reviewing footage has been a major part of any driver’s post-race routine. Although most of the people reading this blog aren’t racing on the professional level, they can still greatly benefit from reviewing their own footage from any autocross, drifting or track events they attend.

Dating back to my first competitive autocross event, I have been recording myself on the track and reviewing the footage to learn from my mistakes. Although many on-course slip-ups can go unnoticed in the heat of the moment, they’re all too easy to pick out on a computer monitor. Whether it be braking too early or too late, coming into a turn too fast or upsetting the car’s balance with jerky steering inputs, any minor mistake can add precious seconds to lap times. Although there are other strategies for improvement, such as having a driving instructor ride shotgun on one of your runs, reviewing footage is arguably one of the most effective.

Here are two videos from my most recent autocross event at Sebring International Raceway. Although my driving wasn’t exactly stellar, I managed to set the fastest time in the novice class. After reviewing the footage, I can see where I took turns too wide, lost too much traction or braked too early. I can use this knowledge to improve my driving at future events by preventing myself from making the same mistakes again.

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