Automotive Blogging — My thoughts so far

The first three weeks of running my own automotive blog have been a great learning experience. Although I’ve always been well-versed in car knowledge and reasonably competent as a photographer, I have learned that blogging is a fantastic medium for those looking to fuse the two skill sets.

This blog has forced me to continue to produce quality photographic content on a regular basis, polish my writing abilities, and reflect on news and ideas that I would have otherwise discarded with haste. While taking in automotive journalism from some of my favorite sources — Super Street, Road & Track, Car and Driver and Top Gear, to name a few — I find myself reading the material far more critically, looking for techniques I can later use in my own writing. I look for what makes a story worth reading more than once, I see which photographs work best and I evaluate the types of cars each publication favors.

I am now excited to provide quality event coverage, live tweets (@TheApexHunt3r) and the occasional on-site photo from my Instagram account (@leroux.jpg).

This blog has helped me transform from an automotive enthusiast into an automotive journalist. It has certainly been a welcome transition so far, and I can’t wait to see what the coming months have in store.

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