Autocross — A Foreword

With yet another autocross event quickly approaching, I find myself doing exactly what I always vowed to quit — sitting here with my laptop, wide awake, when I have to leave for Sebring in just over five hours.

I’m going through my usual laundry list of necessities before going to sleep. Charge the GoPro, charge the DSLR, wipe the memory cards and find the helmet. Eat something, and for the love of God, go to sleep.

I have decided to actually take a few decent pictures at this event, for the greater good of this blog, since the last one was an iPhoneography disaster. I didn’t want to be saddled with the responsibility of babysitting my camera at an event where my driving took priority, and the photos I had to show after the event reflected this. Can you say grainy?

Although I placed pretty competitively at my previous race, I have been reading up on driving technique to increase my skill level. The immense level of technicality that autocross requires is severely underestimated by many, but I think that’s what I love about it. You can’t be competitive if you’re sloppy.

For now, I’m still driving my friend’s Subaru BRZ, but I hope to be tracking my own car within the next few months. Expect a lengthy recap of the event by Monday, and this time, you can expect decent photos as well.

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